The Foundation aims at:

  • Providing educational literature on Islam that explain in clear terms the basis for the appreciation of the religion and way of life which has been found to be very inviting or even compelling. The write-ups are such that can be read and digested with little or no supervision and within a period not exceeding one lunar month.
  • Addressing Muslims and non-Muslims from a general platform provided by Islam. The target groups are (but not limited to): the young generation, the innocent, the learned, the experienced the older generation.
  • Exposing the reader to highlights of the Qur’an which will hopefully serve as the stepping stone for developing the interest in its study and extending to the Hadith.

Books published by the Foundation have the following major features:

  • Presentation of Islam in its most basic terms, devoid of controversies.
  • Using the Holy Qur’an as the central Source of ALL and WHATEVER is conveyed.
  • Presentation of various subjects in fairly brief but concise and meaningful form considering the low reading culture of our people.