Volume 1: The Basis of Islam

The book has been written in simple and concise English Language with quotations from the Holy Qur’an to authenticate and explain any point made. It is suitable for anybody who wishes either to learn or broaden his education/knowledge of basic Islamic principles upon which all other teachings of Islam depend. I therefore recommend this book to both would-be Muslims who wish to learn the basis of Islam and Muslims who wish to strengthen their knowledge.

Justice Bashir Sambo
Grand Qadi, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.*

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Volume 2: The Orientation of a Muslim

The book is certainly meant for believers and is radiated by the light of ‘Iman’ that one is drawn to reach it again and again. The Qur’an and the Hadith are the basic ingredients of the book and not erudite polemics. I have no hesitation in recommending it for the education of all Muslim youths.

Ambassador Nuhu Mohammed
Durumi, Zaria.*

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Volume 3: One Way of Making a Living

This excellent publication which I have read from cover to cover with tremendous interest is a comprehensive work consisting of the various aspects of a Muslim’s livelihood. The author vividly invites attention to what any reader should know about the mode of living called Islam. Finally, with all sincerity, I recommend this work, which is the result of researches over a period of time, as a household book and as a mind refresher to all aspects of Islamic Religion.

Dr Abdur-Rahman Mora
Mora road, Tudun Wada, Zaria.*

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Volume 4: The Path for the Identity of a Muslim

By studying the book one can find himself going as close as possible to the “straight path”, the path that we repeatedly recite in our daily prayers. In order to achieve his goal, the writer decided to light his candles from the verses of the Holy Qur’an. I am convinced that he has achieved his goal in making a Muslim reader mould his identity on the Qur’anic Model: dedication, perseverance, humbleness, commitment to God’s instructions and all other good virtues. I therefore call upon fellow Muslims to read and comprehend what this valuable booklet contains.

Justice Na’ibi Sulaiman Wali
Deputy Grand Qadi, Shari’a Court of Appeal, Kano State.*

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Volume 5: The Primary Status of Man in Islam

It is my pleasure to recommend the present work by Muhammad Sa’idu Jimada to readers. The author’s purpose as he states it is to promote an understanding of “the basic elements that define the primary status of man from the perspective of Islam.” If the readers are able to have a better understanding of the matter as a result of studying this work, the author’s desire would have been fulfilled.

Ibraheem Sulaiman
Director, Centre for Islamic Legal Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.*

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Volume 6: Against Excuses

I would certainly not hesitate to recommend this book to any serious minded Muslim who wants to have something to guide him in his daily spiritual elevation, for man is a forgetful creature that needs spiritual rejuvenation through a write-up of this kind. I congratulate the author for a job well done and pray that Allah may reward him for his commitment to the cause of Islam.

Justice Abdul-Qadir Orire
Grand Qadi, Shari’a Court of Appeal, Kwara State. *

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Volume 7: O Believer know your Lord!

If after the reading(s) of this booklet you do not improve your knowledge and understanding of Allah, it is not meant for you. Only when you abandon its reading and commence increasing your knowledge and understanding IN and BY your livelihood and every person, thing and event, will you claim to have gotten its message.

Muhammad Sa’idu Jimada

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Note: * = as at 1992.