Volume 2: The orientation of a Muslim

Godliness or righteousness in Islam has two (2) steps. They are: DONTS and DOS. It is interesting to know that half-way submission is below the standard of Allah; such that avoiding the donts will not suffice if one does not engage in dos, or vice-versa. This is unlike human standard whereby fifty percent is mostly a pass mark. The donts and dos covered in this write-up are not the usual ones or those that readily come to mind like gambling, stealing, fornication, prayer, Zakat, Hajj and so on. Not that these are not important, but they have been effectively dealth with by others.

Using the Name of Allah as a cover or excuse to do illegal things is widespread today especially among traders and some of those considered as vanguards of Islam. Also, discrimination in the use of mosques is another bug in the Ummah. This has lead to the establishment of a number of “unneccessary” mosques. The author submits, “The ummah is not better by a thousand Imams in a community of forty thousand. This is worse off when we have some fifteen regular mosques in an area, none of which is up to 500 meters distant from the other. To worsen the situation, five of them are Friday congregational mosques.” Other donts covered include not ignoring the guidance of Muhammad (S.A.W), not live to eat, not waste surpluses, not to be envious of Allah’s blessings on others, etc.

Muslims are required to believe in Allah, obey Him and His Apostle, worship Him alone and be concious of Him at all times. Also, they are to be modest while tallking or walking on the surface of the earth. Other dos are migration or exile for the sake of Allah to a land that is more secure if one’s freedom of worship is threatened in his present abode. Similarly, those in the receiving end must accommodate and support the emigrants as the wonderful people of Madinah did for the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and those that emigrated with him. Though the present generation of believers may not be able to sacrifice half of their assets, they should still try their best to make the emigrants comfortable.

The next section highlights prayers, pleas and invocations contained in the Qur’an. They have been systematically arranged into sub-sections for easier reference. A Muslim’s orientation will not be complete if he is not aware or reminded of Allah’s will and how it is related to the will of man. The concluding part of the book is dedicated to the subject.

Ambassador Nuhu Mohammed wrote the forward.

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