Volume 7: O believer know your Lord!

This write-up does not need a lengthy review. The title has said it all. Allah is best known through His beautiful names and attributes. He is the Creator, Merciful, Protector, Forgiving, Guide, All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Knowing, etc. Man may also possess some of these attributes, but in his case, they have a number of constraints and are finite. For example, man can see however, this ability has limitations. He can’t see what is behind him while looking at what is in-front of him at the same time; even with a mirror. There are so many creatures we know and are sure they exist, for instance, air, micro-organisms, Jinns, and so on but we cannot see them. Some still remain invisible even with the most powerful electron microscope. Also, his power of sight weakens with age and one day, he loses it all-together either by going blind or eventual death.

The reader will discover how Allah exhibits His attributes through time. He guided Prophet Ibrahim to the right path after observing and considering the star, moon and sun as lords because He is The Guide. In addition, He protected Ibrahim from burning by commanding the fire he was thrown into to become cool, He saved Musa from being slain as a toddler and He guarded the Companions of the Cave while they were “asleep” since He is The Protector. As The Just, He gave Iblis the opportunity to explain why he did not prostrate to Adam. Despite that his defence was not convincing, Allah still granted his request of being given a very long life. Few of us would have tolerated such insubordination especially if we have the power to do whatever we want.

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